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At Elite Vision Care, we take pride in putting together a collection of high-end eyewear for our patients to choose from. For customers seeking eyewear that embodies the ideals of luxury goods, we point them towards our eyeglasses from Coach.

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Why We’re Proud to Offer Coach Eyewear

Coach is a design house founded in Manhattan in 1941. After the war, they expanded from a successful leather business into accessories such as eyewear. Designer Bonnie Cashin would join Coach and begin imbuing bright colors into their “hard” eyewear to contrast the browns and beiges of the soft leather goods, which remains a hallmark of Coach eyewear to this day. Coach is now coveted by fashionistas and celebrities alike, and has been modeled by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, and Michael B. Jordan.

Why Choose Coach Eyeglasses?

Looking at Coach eyeglasses, you’ll quickly notice that no frames appear excessive: none too bulky or thin, too flashy or subtle. The browns, blacks, and beiges of their fine leather are often paired with gorgeous marbling or turtle patterns inside of the frame. Their durable construction and timeless designs are built to last. Coach’s balanced, confident glasses make you feel like a New York socialite in League City, and Elite Vision Care is happy to offer these frames to anyone seeking everyday elegance.


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