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At Elite Vision Care, we stock glasses from fashionable names that we know are ever-popular with our customers. That’s why it was an easy decision to bring the bubbly yet sophisticated designs from Kate Spade onto our shelves.

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Why We’re Proud to Offer Kate Spade Glasses Frames

Even in her earliest days designing accessories, Kate Spade’s unique sense of flair and decision to put her products at a more accessible price point made her designs quite popular amongst everyone from New York City’s West Side social-climbers to the East Side’s well-to-do — particularly women seeking a look that matched their maturity and professionalism. These days, Kate Spade eyeglass frames embody that same sensible Manhattan styling that stands out whether you’re in SoHo or the grocery store.

Why Choose Kate Spade Frames?

Kate Spade glasses frames have chic, intelligent designs that suggest confidence and leadership, whether in a Manhattan boardroom or a League City PTA meeting. The curious and contrasting colors and the just-right angles of each design highlight the working mind of the person behind the frames. Each pair has been made from quality materials that hold up against a busy lifestyle. Elite Vision Care is proud to carry Kate Spade’s New York-style frames that look great in any League City setting or situation.


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