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OVVO Eyeglass Frames
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Here at Elite Vision Care, we know that our customers want eyeglasses they can rely on in any situation. For the people who prioritize reliability and craftsmanship above all else, we send them in the direction of OVVO.


Why We’re Proud to Offer OVVO Eyeglass Frames

Founded in 1980 in Poland, OVVO eyewear are created with precision engineering and an 85-point manufacturing process. Their goal has always been to produce durable and sensible frames that also give off an air of sophistication through slender, dynamic designs. Each frame is like a puzzle piece that perfectly completes your face, drawing attention to your best features. And with confident colors and textures complementing the carbon-brushed metal, there’s a pair for every look.

Why Choose OVVO Eyeglass Frames?

OVVO frames’ defining qualities are being lightweight and durable. Made from their proprietary forged blend of stainless steel and titanium, their eyewear lets you experience true comfort that’s also built for performance. The patented screwless hinges boast unrivaled durability, able to withstand pull, strain, and rotation without breaking down. We’re proud to offer OVVO eyeglass frames at Elite Vision Care for customers who want strength, refinement, and meticulous craftsmanship plain to see in their eyewear.


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