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At Elite Vision Care, we are dedicated to providing the very best in eyewear to League City, TX. For our customers who want their fashion to look as timeless as nature itself, we proudly offer a wide selection of quality SALT. frames.

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Why We’re Proud to Offer SALT. Brand Glasses

SALT. was started in California with the mission of crafting eyewear that appeared effortlessly beautiful, taking inspiration from the state’s wide range of environments: saltwater beaches, sifting dunes, snowcaps, the unrelenting sun. SALT. frames embody the art and culture of California with carefree confidence and unapologetic style. Using only the finest materials for its frames, SALT. frames are both fashionable and dependable.

Why Choose SALT. Eyeglasses?

SALT. frames can be the perfect finishing touch for any style or situation. Each pair is a simple yet assured statement, using simultaneously powerful and understated forms and colors — much like nature itself — to create something beautiful. The durability of SALT. frames means you won’t have to worry if your plans get more active than expected. Elite Vision Care proudly offers SALT. brand frames for customers who desire eyewear that is both pure style and comfortably casual.


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