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At Elite Vision Care, we are dedicated to bringing high-quality and unique eyewear to our patients in League City, TX. We often recommend one of our most popular designers, Tom Ford, to our customers who want eyewear that’s a step outside the norm, and a cut above the rest.

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Why We’re Proud to Offer Tom Ford Eyewear

Tom Ford’s designs, craftsmanship, and attention to idiosyncratic details — like the “T”s that are often build into their frames — are world-renowned. Since launching their optical line, they’ve consistently ranked among the top three most popular eyewear designers in the world. Tom Ford designs ooze both extravagance and refinement with jarring, arresting forms and colors. These are pieces made to showcase the wearer’s face and pop with style.

Why Choose Tom Ford Frames?

Tom Ford eyewear plays with contemporary designs by using bold, dynamic lines and deep, eye-catching colors. There are no frivolous parts of a Tom Ford design, just a brazen, daring, and yet somehow cohesive work of pop art. Their designs are unapologetic, but also uncompromisingly comfortable: even their chunkiest frames fit like a dream. Elite Vision Care proudly offers Tom Ford eyewear for our customers who want frames that demand attention — and earn the viewer’s respect.


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