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Your eyes are an incredibly important part of your senses. They are a vital part of how we perceive the world and work diligently from the moment we wake up each day. That’s why eye injuries and emergencies can be incredibly scary, and it’s essential to seek medical attention if one occurs. The doctors at Elite Vision Care are here and ready to help if you experience an eye emergency

Elite Vision Care Services

Elite Vision Care has been committed to providing top quality vision-care services since 2002. Our facility provides a variety of different services. We offer vision exams, pediatric vision care, diagnosis and treatments of various eye conditions and diseases, and multiple kinds of contact lenses and glasses. The well-being of you and your family is our absolute top priority, and we pride ourselves in delivering uncompromised levels of patient-centered care. Our team of doctors has a combined experience of over 45 years and multiple publications in the field. Our elite experience is backed by testimonials that we think speak for themselves. If you are in need of emergency eye care, we will see you quickly, examine and diagnose the problem, and determine the best solution.

What Is Considered an Eye Emergency?

An eye emergency is any eye injury and symptom that requires immediate attention. Don’t try to judge the severity of a situation to determine if it warrants care.  If you find yourself trying to judge the severity of a situation it is best to seek care at an emergency eye clinic. Getting the opinion of an eye expert can lessen the likelihood of eye damage and can be the difference between a healthy recovery or potential damage to your sight. Some examples of an eye emergency include but are not limited to:

  • Loss of vision
  • Double vision
  • Sudden red or painful eye
  • Any foreign body that has entered the eye
  • Eye infections, such as pink eye
  • A scratch in your eye

When Should You Go to the ER for an Eye Injury?

In many situations, you do not want to go to the ER for an eye injury. Whenever possible, you want to go to an emergency eye doctor for any situation involving your eyes. Not all emergency rooms have the equipment needed to facilitate emergency eye care, and they may just refer you to an eye doctor. However, if it is outside normal operating hours and you are unable to contact an eye professional, it is necessary to take a trip to the ER to avoid potential eye damage.

What to Avoid if You Experience an Eye Emergency

It’s important to stay calm and seek medical attention immediately when it comes to any situation involving your eyes. While it’s tempting to try to correct the issue yourself, you could inflict additional damage. Here’s what not to do if you experience an eye emergency:

  • Press or rub an injured eye
  • Attempt to remove the foreign body from the eye
  • Use dry cotton or instruments such as tweezers near your eyes
  • Ignore it!


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Our eye specialists of Elite Vision Care are happy to serve you, including in the case of eye emergencies. We guarantee outstanding service and encourage you to schedule an appointment with us today. Your vision will thank you.