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Meet the Team

Beverly Newhouse, OD

I will never forget the moment when I was 12 years old and put in my first contact lenses. I finally was free from my very large blue plastic frame glasses. It was life-changing. As I began my studies, I knew I wanted to study medicine. I wanted to be in a profession where I could really get to know my patients and take great care of them. I wanted to be able to give them the gift of sight and freedom. Freedom to see and enjoy the world.

I love caring for my patients and their families. It is great when we can diagnose glaucoma at an early stage so the patient will not lose vision. I enjoy treating a patient’s dry eye, too, so they can perform their job and live their lives without sacrificing comfort or vision.

I personally like to utilize technology to really custom tailor a patient’s treatment and experience. Through a comprehensive eye health evaluation we are able to fully discover an array of issues in the body. This is an exciting and wonderful profession that I have been in for over 15 years.

Dr. Beverly Newhouse’s husband Michael Newhouse and his company HM General Contractor’s designed and built our beautiful office. She has two children, Michela and Nate, who are now grown. In addition to her professional career, she enjoys traveling, reading, movies, concerts and working out.

Certified: Glaucoma Specialist, University of Houston College of Optometry, Houston, TX
OD: Doctor of Optometry, University of Houston College of Optometry
BSc: Biology, West Texas A&M University, Canyon, TX
Awards: Young Optometrist of the Year, Texas Optometric Society, 2010
Member: Texas Optometric Association, Harris County Optometric Society
Lecturer and Presenter

Annalisa Erder, OD

For me, the excitement of optometry is knowing that the eye is a window into the body. Comprehensive eye exams allow early detection of many chronic diseases, ranging from diabetes and high blood pressure to autoimmune conditions. My goal is to empower you to understand what is going on inside of your eye and what it reveals about the health of your body. This allows us to work together to maximize your visual potential. My background in nutritional sciences and experience conducting scientific research define my unique and holistic approach to visual health. As a proud Fightin’ Texas Aggie, I strive to uphold the core values of excellence, integrity, and selfless service in my optometry practice and in the community. You can also find me dancing a Texas Two-Step, amateur singer-songwriting, or completing home and craft projects.

Certified: Glaucoma Specialist, University of Houston College of Optometry, Houston, TX
OD: Doctor of Optometry, University of Houston College of Optometry
BSc: Nutritional Sciences, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
Optometric Awards: Excellence in Low Vision Services, 2020. Clinical Letter of Excellence, 2018. University of Houston College of Optometry.


  • Effect of Time-Restricted and Unrestricted High Fat Diets on the Cornea. Laboratory of Dr. Alan Burns, in collaboration with Baylor College of Medicine. Poster presented at University of Houston College of Optometry Research Showcase, 2017. Houston, TX.
  • Analysis of the Mouse Immunome Reactive Against Schistosoma Mansoni Egg Antigens. Laboratory of Dr. Barbara Doughty, Department of Biology. Honors and Undergraduate Research, 2015. College Station, TX. Available electronically from Texas A&M University OAKTrust Repository.

Tabitha Smith, Operations Director

I have been honored to be a part of the Elite Vision Care team since 2016. I am originally from Memphis, TN which is where I began my career in the eye care industry. Joining this field was truly eye-opening for me. I absolutely fell in love with caring for patients and ensuring they receive the best experience possible! I take pride in working hand in hand with the team so every person who walks in our door feels like they are part of the Elite Vision Care family.

I joined the eye care field in 2011 after working in banking and real estate sales. With over 15 years of customer service experience I understand each patient interaction is unique. My favorite part of working with patients is being able to find solutions that give them their best sight through ensuring all of their eye care needs are met. As a Certified Optician I work hard to say up-to-date with the latest technology and products. This allows us to offer our patients the very best!

I am always excited to hear any input our patients have. If you would love to share your experience with me directly, feel free to come by the office or email me at The team and I can’t wait to see you!

Certified: American Board of Opticianry