Limited Time: Get Polarized Sunglasses + Blue Light Glasses for $125

When You Buy A Year of Contacts

Purchase an annual supply of your contact lenses and take your pick from a selection of frames and lenses — you can get one pair of non-prescription, polarized sunglasses AND one pair of single-vision, blue light blocking lenses for $125! (Normally valued at $315)

If you’re not buying contact lenses, you can still choose from a selection of frames and blue light blocking lenses for only $50!

*See store for details

Why Annual Eye Exams Are So Important

No matter your age, routine eye care is about more than getting an updated vision prescription. Booking an eye health exam every year — with a doctor who knows you well — can help ensure that your eyes stay healthy!

At Elite Vision Care, we can detect early signs of eye diseases, take steps to protect your vision, manage symptoms and sources of discomfort, and offer you one of the largest selections of eyewear in the region at our League City, TX office.

COVID-19 Precautions to Keep You Safe

We know that the past year has been difficult. No matter how long it’s been since your last appointment, Elite Vision Care is dedicated to making it as safe and convenient as possible for you and your family to get reliable eye care.

Our entire team is committed to the wellbeing of our staff, our patients, and the communities we serve. Rest assured that we’re taking the proper safety precautions — masks, PPE, strict distancing and sanitization measures, and more — to keep you safe at your next appointment.

What Our Patients Have to Say

“The office is clean, comfortable, and open. They are very cautious about COVID and keep patients and staff safe. The equipment is up to date and of high quality. We love all of the optometrists we have seen at Elite. I usually bring myself and 4 kids at the same time. Scheduling is able to get us all scheduled and in and out in a very timely manner. We especially love the women who have helped us choose glasses. I highly recommend Elite Vision Care.”

– A.D.

“I just got 4 pairs of glasses from here, and they are everything I dreamt of! All the opticians helped me out and all their suggestions for my frame and lens selections were excellent! The doctors were all very friendly, and truly cared about my eye health. I’m glad that my eyes are perfectly healthy, and look forward to bringing all my kiddos and my spouse to be seen here!”

– R.M.

Book an eye exam before April ends and get polarized sunglasses and blue light glasses for only $125 with a year’s supply of contact lenses! Exam slots are filling fast — book today!

Buy One Year of Contacts, Get Polarized Sunglasses and Blue Light Glasses For $125!

Contact lenses can be a convenient and comfortable way to correct your vision, but they don’t protect your eyes from harsh sunlight, or damaging blue light from screens. That’s why our Patient Appreciation offer is designed to give you the protection you need, when you need it! Schedule an eye exam before the end of April, buy a year’s supply of your contact lenses, and get polarized sunglasses and single-vision blue light blocking glasses — a $315 value — for just $125!*

We’re also offering the blue light glasses standalone for $50 even if you don’t buy contact lenses.

About Elite Vision Care

At Elite Vision Care, we believe in providing personal, concierge service for every patient we see. When we take the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, and your health history, it allows us to provide the tailored care you deserve.

Our knowledgeable eye doctors and welcoming staff have years of experience addressing unique eye health needs and customizing our designer eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses to adults and children alike. Friendly, personalized eye care: That’s what Elite Vision Care means to us!

Book an eye exam before April ends and get polarized sunglasses and blue light glasses for only $125 with a year’s supply of contact lenses! Exam slots are filling fast — book today!