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Elite Vision Care

Pediatric Eye Exams in League City, TX

Secure the Long-Term Health of Your Child’s Eyes

Shouldn’t your child’s eyes receive the same attention and care as your own? The eye care professionals at Elite Vision Care believe so. Our pediatric eye exams go beyond the screenings your child likely receives at school. While that screening is a good tool, it is frequently inaccurate. The majority of the time, a child’s eyes can adjust to accommodate a necessary prescription, so these screenings do not always catch issues. Kids are great at forcing their eyes to see; however, this creates strain and can result in poor school performance and poor behavior. Help ensure your kid’s eyes develop correctly and set them up for success by calling our office in League City, TX (281-554-7080). You can also contact us online to schedule your next children’s eye exam.

The Importance of Having Your Kid’s Eyes tested

Pediatric eye exams help ensure your child’s eyes stay healthy, so they can do their best in school and have fun at home. A study by the American Optometric Association estimates that 1 in 5 preschoolers have vision problems. By the time they enter school, 25% of kids will wear or need corrective lenses. If left untreated, problems with your child’s eye sight can lead to:

  • Poor performance in school
  • Inability to focus clearly
  • Poor motor skills
  • Ocular diseases
  • Loss of vision

It is crucial that, if your child begins showing signs of vision problems, you bring them to see an eye doctor for a pediatric eye exam. The earlier that the doctor detects problems with their vision through a children’s eye exam, the easier it will be to correct those issues.

Elite Vision Care, Your Family Eye Doctor in League City, TX

At Elite Vision Care, we love to see families. Our staff makes sure that every person that walks through our doors is treated just like our own family. Our goal is to make your children’s eye exam an easy experience. Our staff is trained to be extra patient with kids, allowing for a more relaxed visit with our doctors. Our team provides the same care and attention during our eye test for children that we offer our adult patients. We provide a playroom with movies to keep your child entertained and occupied while they wait for their pediatric eye exam. We also have a pretty awesome treasure chest for them as a reward for when they are done with their exams!

What to Expect During Your Child’s Pediatric Eye Exam

The goal of our eye tests for children is to help ensure your kiddos’ eyes are developing correctly and establish if there is a need for visual correction. We can check your child’s overall sight and eye development as early as six months of age. During your kid’s eye test, our staff will move your child through the process quickly and take great care of them. We will make sure to keep them occupied during down time, which helps to facilitate easier visits.

During our eye test for children, the doctor will run a series of tests to determine if they need a prescription. In addition to checking to see if your child requires prescription lenses, we will check for issues with:

  • Normal Eye Muscle Development
  • Color Blindness
  • Field of Vision or Blind Spots
  • Depth Perception
  • Eye Pressure
  • Pupil Dilation
  • Retinal Imaging
  • Eye Turns (Lazy Eye)
  • Warning Signs of Future Issues

After our doctors have completed your kid’s eye test, they will make sure to go over all their findings with you in detail. This helps to ensure that the you have a solid understanding of what is going on and if any treatment plans are necessary.

How Do You Know If My Child Needs Glasses?

There are many different signs that a child might need glasses. Don’t wait for the school nurse screening to come into our office for a visit. If your child is experiencing any of these common signs of poor vision, they might require a kid’s eye test and glasses:

  • Sitting too close to the T.V.
  • Holding their work extremely close
  • Complaints of headaches
  • Disruptive classroom behavior
  • An aversion to spending large amounts of time reading
  • Complaints that they cannot see the board
  • Grades slipping in school

If our doctors find that your child requires glasses, our team of eye care professionals are trained to be patient with your child as we find eye wear that looks so great that they will want to actually wear it. We will also take the time to make sure that we work within your budget while recommending the best product based on your child’s daily activities. Our eye care professionals will likely want to see them back during the year to confirm that their prescription is working.

Ready to Protect Your Child’s Vision?

Your child’s vision development is essential to their overall positive growth. Correcting any potential issues with their eyes early is crucial to long-term success. With close to two decades of experience in working with children, Elite Vision Care is here to help ensure your child receives the best eye care possible. Schedule your kid’s eye test online or call our League City office to see what we can do for your child.