If you are experiencing severe eye pain, you suddenly lost vision in one or both eyes, or your eye sustained an injury, you might have an emergency that requires immediate medical attention. Eye pain and eye injuries should be taken very seriously. To avoid the risk of permanent eye damage, please seek assistance as soon as possible.

Types of Eye Emergencies

Your eyes are delicate and can endure infections and injuries that are excruciatingly painful and dangerous to your health and vision. Below is a list of some of the most common types of eye emergencies:

  • Unexplained Partial or Full Loss of Vision in One or Both Eyes
  • Double Vision, Flashes of Light, Floaters, Curtain Over Vision
  • Red Eyes That Cause Pain and Severe Discomfort
  • Extreme Sensitivity to Light
  • Severe Burning or Stinging in One or Both Eyes
  • Eyes That are Excessively Swollen
  • Unexplained Severe Discharge from One or Both Eyes
  • Pupils that Appear to be Different Sizes
  • Chemicals or Another Dangerous Liquid Has Entered the Eye(s)
  • Item is Caught in the Eye (anything from a small piece of sand to a larger foreign object)
  • Corneal Abrasion / Scratched Eye
  • Poked in the Eye with a Finger or Object
  • One Eye is Suddenly Not Moving in Sync With the Other Eye
  • Cut, Tear, or Laceration of the Eye or Eyelid
  • Bleeding from One or Both Eyes Due to an Accident or Head Injury
  • Blood in the White Area of Your Eye(s)
  • One Eye Seems to be Bulging Out of the Eye Socket

What Happens During an Emergency Visit?

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, you have eye pain, an eye injury, or you are genuinely concerned about the health of your eye or vision, an emergency visit is recommended. During an emergency visit, an eye care professional will administer acute care that treats the immediate problem. The goal with emergency eye care is to relieve pain and resolve any immediate threats to your eye and your vision. In most cases, at least one follow-up visit ensures your eye is healing or recovering properly.

Emergency Help is Available

Elite Vision Care welcomes current and new patients experiencing an eye emergency to contact us for an immediate appointment. We do everything we can to see emergency patients during regular business hours. If you are in the League City, TX area, please call us at (281) 554-7080 to explain your emergency so we can provide you with advice in guidance.

If you have an eye emergency and our office is not open, please visit an urgent care center or an emergency room as quickly as possible. When it comes to your eyes and your vision, do not take the risk of waiting for medical care. Your eyes and your sight are too important!